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  • Bicarbonate Precursors, Alkaline Diet And Pendrin

    High potassium foods protect against hypertension, stroke, osteoporosis, and kidney stones. Potassium and bicarbonate precursors combine to protect against these problems. Together they provide food that is balanced for how the body works. The cells in the body perform multiple balancing acts continuously. The proper balance maximizes how well the cells' molecules carry out their functions. There are two main balancing acts performed by all cells. The first one balances the electrical charge in the cell and the second one balances the pH (acidity) inside the cell.
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  • Sodium Potassium Ratio, Race And Death

    There are genetic differences that may contribute to slight differences in blood pressure response to sodium and potassium intake. These genetic differences may vary among races. They may explain the difference among races in the diseases resulting from a poor sodium potassium ratio, such as hypertension and stroke. There are studies showing a higher rate of hypertension and stroke in African-Americans than in Caucasian Americans. Does a difference in the sodium potassium ratio explain the racial difference in hypertension, stroke and death rate? The study to be discussed today looked at the sodium potassium ratio of the diets of African-Americans and Caucasian Americans to see if the ratio explained the differences.
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  • Hypertension, Kidney And Sodium Review

    Doctors in practice are focused on treating hypertension. A growing number are interested in the cause of primary hypertension so they can prevent it. For several decades, studies on the cause of hypertension have focused on sodium. Only recently has the balance of potassium and sodium as a cause of hypertension been understood. Even so, the balance of potassium and sodium as a cause of hypertension has made its way into recent medical physiology textbooks. But it has not made its way into medical practice. The importance of this balance is not widely realized. And it is not discussed in many of the publications and studies in the medical literature. The majority of studies still focus on sodium. One such study is a recent study (1) that discusses the link of the kidney to blood pressure, and focuses on the kidney's regulation of sodium. It mostly ignores potassium.
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