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  • Sodium Mortality Debate

    Within the medical community there continues to be a debate about whether lower sodium consumption reduces cardiovascular mortality. The debate involves two schools of thought. The first is that the lower the sodium consumption, the lower the cardiovascular mortality. The other group feels that there is an association of sodium consumption with cardiovascular mortality that is U-shaped or J-shaped. At both the higher and lower ends of sodium consumption there is an increase in mortality. In the center portion, which approximately corresponds to the average present American consumption, there is the lowest mortality.
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  • Low Sodium Diet – Dangerous?

    High potassium foods are foods that are low in sodium and high in potassium and that produce an alkaline urine. The low sodium aspect of the diet has been challenged in the past and continues to be challenged today. Because the argument is still heard that a low salt diet may be dangerous to healthy people, it is important to review how this argument started, why it was no good in the first place, and how much evidence there is against it.
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