Links To Food Potassium Tables

We have listed below links to food tables with potassium content on the site.

High Potassium Foods

Fruits And Vegetables

fruit table

fruit juice table

dried fruits table

raw vegetables table

beans legumes table


frozen desserts table

dairy table


drinks table


seafood table

fish table

wild game table

veal table

lamb table

beef table

pork table

poultry table

Nuts, Spices And Cocoa

nuts table

spices table

chocolate cocoa table

Grains, Pasta And Cereals

grains pasta table

cooked cereals table

ready to eat cereals table

Soups, Sauces And Gravy

soups sauces gravy table

No Sodium Foods

high potassium no sodium foods

Restaurant, Fast Food, Desserts And Sweets

restaurant food table

fast foods table

candies table

snacks table

High Potassium Baby Foods

baby food

baby dinners meat

early baby food

mashed baby food

baby cereal table

infant foods table

Low Potassium Foods

Foods With A Poor Potassium Sodium Ratio

poor ratio candies table

poor ratio cookies cakes

poor ratio rolls muffins

poor ratio bread table

poor ratio baked goods table

baked goods

poor ratio pies and thanksgiving foods

poor ratio beans table

poor ratio nuts table

poor ratio juices table

poor ratio sports drinks

poor ratio drinks table

poor ratio grains table 2

poor ratio grains table

moderate potassium fruits

poor ratio fruits

poor ratio vegetables table

luncheon meats table

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