Moderately Low Potassium Fruits Table

These fruits can be eaten by those on a low potassium diet. These fruits do not have the lowest levels of potassium in a serving, but are in between the low potassium fruits mentioned in the last post and high potassium fruits. For the most part they can be eaten by those on a low potassium foods diet. But to keep potassium intake low, they should be eaten in limited amounts. They do not need to be avoided as much as the high potassium foods.

If you need to be on a diet of low potassium foods, you should determine how much potassium you are allowed in a day, and then determine how much of the various foods you can eat. Almost all foods have some potassium. The only major exception is oils. The lower the potassium the more you can eat. These moderately low potassium fruits can be eaten in fair amounts except by those people who have to severely limit their potassium.


Some of the foods in the table are the same as those in the low potassium fruits table. This table also includes a few new fruits, such as grapes, raspberries, boysenberries, pineapple, cherries, rhubarb, Asian pears and watermelon.

The weights for the potassium and sodium are milligrams. The potassium and sodium values given are for 100 grams of food.

As usual, K is potassium, and Na is sodium.

Except for the amount of potassium per serving and the potassium sodium ratio (which we calculated), the source of data is: USDA National Nutrient Database Standard Reference – Release 22.

Food Potassium Sodium Ratio
per Serving
Acerola, (W Indian cherry), raw 146 7 20.86 143
Apples, raw, with skin 107 1 107.00 134
Boysenberries, frozen, unsweetened 139 1 139.00 183
Carambola, (starfruit), raw 133 2 66.50 176
Cherries, sour, red, frozen, unsweetened 124 1 124.00 192
Fruit cocktail, (peach, pineapple, pear,
grape and cherry), canned, extra light syrup, solids and liquids
104 4 26.00 128
Grapes, American type (slip skin), raw 191 2 95.50 176
Lemons, raw, with peel 145 3 48.33 157
Pears, raw 119 1 119.00 176
Pineapple, raw, all varieties 109 1 109.00 179
Pitanga, (surinam-cherry), raw 103 3 34.33 178
Quinces, raw 197 4 49.25 181
Raspberries, raw 151 1 151.00 186
Rhubarb, frozen, uncooked 108 2 54.00 148
Watermelon, raw 112 1 112.00 172
Pears, asian, raw 121 0 Infinite 148
Rowal, raw 131 4 32.75 149
Pineapple, raw, extra sweet variety 108 1 108.00 178
Clementines, raw 177 1 177.00 131

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