Three Food Tips Video

Three Food Tips Video
05/19/2014 17:11

Three great food tips in this short and fun video. The first keeps you from stinking up the place. The second stops those tears. The final food tip keeps your green veggies looking good and filled with an important mineral when cooked. From the American Chemical Society, it also includes a tip for performing a quick sewing repair.

The first tip is about how to figure out if your eggs are rotten before opening and getting that horrible stench. Eggs are almost a high potassium food, and when combined with a few high potassium choices can be part of a high potassium meal.

Onions are a great high potassium food that adds a terrific taste. They go well with so many different dishes, but they need to be cut up first. The second tip is about how to avoid so much tearing up when cutting them. Other tips on reducing eye irritation are to cut them up in a basin of water and to leave the root end intact, since the irritating compounds are more concentrated there.

You will enjoy the third tip if you need help threading a needle in a hurry. Otherwise skip through to the fourth tip to find out how to avoid the yucky green color you can sometimes get from cooking vegetables. It will also help you keep the magnesium in the vegetable, so you get the maximum nutrition. Important since the average American has a blood level of magnesium that is too low.

If you are looking for tables of foods, you will find a list of them by clicking on the List of Posts tab. It lists all the tables by food groups and potassium content. If you are looking for onions or broccoli for example, you can click on the raw vegetables table link on the List of Posts page.

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