How To Start The High Potassium Foods Diet


Many people may feel they need more high potassium foods in their diet, but don't know how to start. The best way is to start with the big 5. Fruits and vegetables, dairy, and nuts are the three biggest sources. Add beef, poultry or fish, and spices and you have the big 5.

Most of the diet should be from fruits and vegetables. A good amount should come from dairy, some from nuts and a meat, and a small amount from spice. This gives a well rounded meal as far as macro and micronutrients, and can provide plenty of potassium.

If you then pick the high potassium foods from each category by using the tables on this website, you will reach the recommended 4700 mg of potassium and less than 1500 mg of sodium easily, despite the “mathematically impossible” pronouncement of a recent dietitian. A vegetables table can be found here. Fruit, dried fruit, dairy, nuts, spices, beef, poultry, fish and other seafood tables by clicking on the links.

However, the quickest way to get a set of tables is to get the table PDFs emailed from the form at the bottom of the page. The first table has 200 of the highest potassium containing foods. A new table with the highest potassium foods in a different category is sent every few days.

When we talk of the categories of food, it means the food as it comes from nature. Fruit loops and strawberry tarts are not part of the fruit category. Veggie burgers are not a vegetable even though they are made from a vegetable.

If it has been ground up and commercially processed, it is not in any of the categories. It still may be okay, but the odds are against it. If it has been soaked in or injected with sodium (salt), it does not fit into a high potassium food. This will eliminate a lot of meat and a lot of canned goods. Many sources of meat have been injected with salt as a preservative.

Although it is the main factor leading to a healthy diet, potassium is not the only factor. But by eating a diet of high potassium foods, and paying attention to just a few other factors you will be eating as healthy a diet as possible.


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