High Potassium Foods – Sweets


In the last several posts we discussed sweets, desserts, sweeteners and toppings high in potassium. The foods in the tables are among the high potassium foods, having the best potassium to sodium ratio of the various potential foods in these categories. A fair number of them also had sizeable amounts of potassium, to help get you closer to the goal of 4.7 gm a day, for the health benefits of improved bone density and reduced cardiovascular disease.

Some of the foods in this sweets category had some negative aspects to them, though. The saturated fat content and added sugar were the main negatives. Some also contained additives that have no known short term negative effects, but unknown long term effects. For the most part, in small quantities there should be no harm, and many of these foods are meant to be taken only in small amounts.

However, there are some that can be taken in large amounts on a regular basis, do no harm and in fact can be a positive influence on your health.

The best of the various sweeteners and desserts for all factors considered would appear to be cocoa powder. It can be added to drinks and various dishes to provide a great deal of potassium (one packet can add 400 – 500mg) and add antioxidants, such as polyphenols and procyanids, adding minimal saturated fat and sugar. Yogurts (natural, not sweetened) and dairy products (nonfat) can provide a lot of potassium and other minerals that are difficult to get otherwise. Molasses are a great source of nutrition, and if black strap, do not have a great amount of sugar. Additions such as maple, sorghum and malt syrup can sweeten and also provide nutrition.

Some pie fillings are a great addition to these high potassium foods with high potassium amounts, and can be used as flavoring in dishes besides pies. Those in the table can be used for a healthy sweet dessert.

Almost any of the various sweets mentioned in the last few tables will help boost potassium intake and in small amounts (to avoid the excesses of those with fructose, sucrose, saturated fats and sodium) can provide a safe indulgence.


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