High Potassium Foods — Quick And Healthy Sandwiches

Whether it's for the kids' school lunches or your lunch at work, sandwiches can be quick and convenient. But you don't have to limit it to luncheon meat surrounded by 2 slices of bread. Here's how to make a sandwich from the high potassium foods that are so beneficial.

Smoked chicken and avocado wrap
Chicken Avocado Wrap
Processed luncheon meats are almost always high in sodium. Cheese is high in sodium. Substitute any of the following sources high in potassium (first number is potassium in mg, second is sodium):

roasted chicken breast 256 74

roasted turkey breast 292 52

not a chicken patty (processing adds sodium) 261 532

Bread usually has much more sodium than potassium because of the leavening. Substitute a low sodium choice.

low sodium white bread, corn tortillas, taco shells 150-180 10-15

spinach,raw (can be used as a wrap) 558 79

avocado puree as a spread 485 7

tomatoes 237 5

raisins 749 11

lettuce 247 8

chopped nuts

almonds 705 1

cashews 565 16

macademia 363 4

pistachios 1025 1

walnuts 523 2

beans (not canned) 1000-1500 5-10

canning adds sodium

Add your favorite herb or seasoning for the perfect flavor.

Methods to prepare – layered (usual), roll or wrap, stuffed, panini style.

Sandwiches don't have to be boring or unhealthy.


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