High Potassium Foods – Drinks


In the prior post, many of the drinks that are included in the high potassium foods were listed. Some, such as milk and fruit juices, have been listed previously. The table included alcoholic drinks, coffee, tea, and a fair number of fruit and vegetable drinks. Only those with a favorable 3 to 1 ratio of potassium to sodium were included. Many, however, would not be considered a high potassium drink based on one serving.

Of the alcoholic beverages, only red wine would be considered close to a high potassium food. In a 5 oz glass it would provide 185 mg of potassium. Usually about 200 mg per serving of potassium is needed to be considered a high potassium food. All the other alcoholic beverages are well below that.

Of the vegetable juices, the V8 Fusion juices (under “C” for Campbell Soup) are consistently above 200 mg with the Tropical blend having 290 mg in an 8 oz serving. Of course, if you make your own blend of vegetables and fruits with your home blender, you can pick some tasty combinations from the raw vegetables table or fruits table previously posted. Add your favorite liquid to provide the consistency you like and get all the potassium contained in the solid fruit or vegetable without any added sodium.

Some recent studies have been finding chocolate milk to be one of the best recovery drinks after exercise. Two tbsp of chocolate syrup with milk goes a long way to replenishing any potassium lost in sweat.  Looking at the cocoa mix you can see a whopping 400 mg to over 500 mg in an envelope. Adding a packet to milk (or water for the lactose intolerant) will go a long way toward reaching the 4.7 gm goal recommended by the Institute of Medicine.

Although coffee and tea have favorable ratios of potassium to sodium, the amount of potassium in a single cup is too little to be much of a source of potassium unless you are a coffee or tea junky like I am. You'll get more if you brew it from grounds or leaves than if you use instant.

A good way to use some of the fruit juice concentrates is to make a smoothie from them. If used for flavoring along with some blenderized solid fruit, you can get a good amount of potassium.


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