High Potassium Foods — Cooked Cereals

The cooked cereals listed in the table in the last post are all among the high potassium foods that reduce hypertension, increase bone retention and reduce chance of kidney stones.  Those listed all have ratios of potassium to sodium greater than 3 to 1.

Even though they all have a good ratio of potassium to sodium, not all have a high amount of potassium in a serving. Those with a large amount of potassium in a serving are Maltex, chocolate Malt-o-Meal, oats, Maypo, Ralston, Roman Meal, Wheatena, and whole wheat.

It is difficult to know exactly what a branded cereal is composed of. But the major ingredients of these cereals are known. Maltex is wheat and barley. Malt-o-meal is malted and farina wheat. Maypo is maple flavored oats. Ralston is a wheat cereal. Roman meal is a combined whole grain cereal – with rye, wheat, bran, and flax. Wheatena, as expected, is made of wheat.

Many other cereals in the list have more than 200 mg of potassium in a serving, although less than those listed. The sodium in all the cereals is low.

These cereals are all loaded with fiber – especially those that have a large amount of potassium. These same ones are the ones with high amounts of protein, although they are all predominately carbohydrate.  If not enough protein is present, protein can be added to make the cereal more balanced in the macronutrients.  Another useful addition to the cereal is olive oil or nuts to provide some healthy fat.

There are multiple ways to prepare the cereals.  They can be cooked on the stove by adding to boiling water – the most common way.  They are also quickly cooked by microwave.  To add taste to the cereal, dried fruits, nuts or fresh fruits can be added.  This also will add more potassium for even greater healthy effects.

If you don't like the taste of the cereal plain, seasoning such as cinnamon can be added. Another way to add taste to the cereal, is to add dried fruits, nuts, fresh fruits or other toppings.  Milk, as well as these toppings, can add potassium and other micro- and macro-nutrients to provide a balanced, nutritious, and tasty breakfast.

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